Local History

The Wadsworth Ella M. Everhard Public Library Local History Collection includes written, printed, photographic, audio, and audio-visual materials documenting the history of the City of Wadsworth and the activities of its inhabitants.

Many items in the Collection are rare or one-of-kind; some are also fragile. Over the course of the next two years the Library intends to make many of these materials accessible in digital form via this website.  We are currently working on converting our printed obituary index into a searchable database of names.  Although this obituary database is not complete, it is accessible and is updated on a weekly basis as more work is done.  If you find an obituary listing for which you would like the complete text, please call or email the Reference Department.

Researchers are welcome to visit the Library and use the Collection during regular Library hours.  To make a visit more productive and efficient for both the researcher and Library staff, you are encouraged to contact the Reference Desk ahead of time.

Wadsworth Historic Landmark Survey


Originally compiled in 1985, the Survey is available in print form only at this time; but, there are plans to convert it into a searchable electronic database on this web site within the next year.


Volunteers Welcome

We are looking for volunteers to assist us with entering our obituaries into the electronic database. If you have a keen interest and experience in dealing with local history collections, please contact the Manager of Adult & Teens Services, at 330-334-5761 ex. 260 or by e-mail if you would like to donate your time to this effort.