Due Dates & Fines

Borrowing Periods
Overdue Fines
Due Dates & Fines

Library Cards

 A library card is available without charge to any Ohio resident.  You may apply for a card now online.

 Each borrower is responsible for the return of the materials checked out on his or her own card; items kept beyond the due date incur fines. Fines for overdue materials will be attached to the borrower's record. Accumulated fines may affect the patron's ability to borrow material.
The date on which an item is due is provided to the borrower on the paper slip produced at the time the item is checked out.


Borrowing Periods

  1. All items in the Wadsworth Public Library’s circulating collection may be borrowed for a period of 14 days with the exception of the following:
    1. Framed Art – 30 days
    2. Best Seller Express (current “in-demand” titles) – 7 days
    3. VHS/DVD Items – 7 days
    4. Laptops (in Library) – 2 hours
  2. Items checked out from other Search Ohio libraries circulate for the following periods:
    1. Print items – 21 days
    2. Media items – 7 days
  3. Wadsworth Public Library items may be renewed up to five times, as long as there is no outstanding reserve on the item.
    1. Items may be renewed at the Customer Service Desk, by telephone or via the Library’s web site
    2. Framed Art may be renewed one time only
    3. Interlibrary loan items from non-SearchOhio libraries may not be renewed unless specifically permitted by the lending library.
    4. Laptops and other digital devices are not renewable.
  4. Items from other SearchOhio libraries may be renewed for the following time periods:        
    1. Print items – three renewals if there is no reserve on the item
    2. Media items – three renewals if there is no reserve on the item
Overdue Fines

 Fines - Wadsworth Public Library
  1. Fines will be charged for all days the Library is open. 
  2. The Library’s after-hours book drops are available whenever the Library building is closed. Items placed in the Library’s after-hours book drops are considered as having been returned on the day that the Library building was last open.
  3. Wadsworth Public Library overdue fines are as follows:
    1. All materials except VHS/DVD and Laptops – 10 cents per day
    2. VHS/DVD - 50 cents per day
    3. Laptops (in Library) - $10.00 per half hour
    4. Laptops and other digital devices for home use - $10.00 per day
    5. The maximum fine per item is the original purchase cost; the replacement cost; or an assigned default value, depending on the information available for the item.
    6. No fines are charged for items borrowed from the bookmobile.
  1. Personal card holders owing five dollars ($5.00) or more in fines [and/or charges] will be prohibited from borrowing. The limit for family card holders is $15.00. 
  2. If a customer receives an overdue notice for an item that he/she returned, the Library will annotate the item in the customer’s account as “claimed returned.” An account may have only three claimed returned items on it at any one time.  
Fines—Search Ohio Library materials
1.  Overdue fines for materials borrowed from other Search Ohio Libraries are as follows:
            a.   All materials 50 cents per day
  1. Maximum overdue fine is $5.00
Overdue Notices
The Library typically sends an overdue notice when items are two (2) weeks overdue. Customers may opt to have their notices sent via e-mail, text message, or traditional mail. When items are four (4) weeks overdue, the Library sends a bill for the replacement cost of the item, plus a $2.00 processing fee.
Collection Agency
The Library has contracted with a collection agency to assist in the retrieval of long overdue materials and to collect outstanding fines, bills, and/or fees from accounts. Customer accounts will be forwarded to the agency when:
- Items are six weeks overdue; and/or
- An account has fines, bills, and/or fees totaling $25.00 or more. A non-waivable $10.00 collection agency fee will added to each account that is forwarded to the collection agency.

Customers may avoid being sent to collection by:
- Returning borrowed materials on time
- Renewing materials by calling the Library at 330-334-5761 or renewing online at www.wadsworthlibrary.com. Click on the “My Record” button at the top right side of the webpage.
- Promptly paying fines owed
- Reporting lost/misplaced materials as soon as possible
- Signing up for e-mail or text notification to receive reminder notices before materials are due.