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Digital Device Collection

The Wadsworth Public Library's digital device collection is made possible by a grant from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), awarded by the State Library of Ohio. Wadsworth Library cardholders in good standing and over the age of 18 may borrow any of these devices for a period of two weeks. A separate Technology Equipment application (available through this link) must be filled out prior to borrowing these devices. You will be required to show a driver's license or other government ID to apply.


Below are links to manuals and other information about the individual items in our digital device collection:

Device Manuals

Amazon Kindle 3.2 (eReader)
The Amazon Kindle is an eReader tablet that is made to read digital books. It uses e-ink technology.
Barnes and Noble Nook BNRV100 (eReader)
The Barnes and Noble Nook is an eReader that is made to read digital books. It uses e-ink technology and has a touchscreen at the bottom.

Apple iPad (Tablet Computer)
The Apple iPad is a tablet comptuer that uses applications (apps) to complete many different tasks. 
Apple iPod (MP3 Player/Mini Tablet)
The Apple iPod is an MP3 player and mini tablet comptuer that uses applications (apps) to complete many different tasks. 
Cisco Flip Video Camera (Video Camera)
The Cisco Flip video camera is an ultra-portable camera that takes HD videos. These videos can be saved to your computer through the camera's USB port.
  • Manual - Link to outside site
Coby Digital Photo Frame (Digital Photo Frame)
The Coby digital photo frame is a device that stores and displays digital photos.
  • Manual - Link to outside site
Coby VZON Portable DVD Player (DVD Player)
The Coby VZON DVD player is a portable DVD player that can be used in your car, at home, or while travelling. It has a built-in battery and car charger.
  • Manual - Link to outside site

ELMO TT-02 RX (Document Video Camera)

The ELMO document video camera can be hooked up to a video output source for presentations. It will capture an image of anything placed under it and transfer that image to a projector or monitor.
Franklin Electronic Translator TGA-740 (Translator)
The Franklin Electronic Translator is a text translator with many languages and built-in phrases. 
Garmin nuvi 205w (GPS)
The Garmin nuvi is a GPS unit that gives directions as you drive.
NEC NP510ws Projector (Video Projector)
The NEC Projector is a video projector that can project images and video against flat surfaces.
Olympus Digital Camera T-100 (Digital Camera)
The Olympus digital camera is a portable digital camera that takes pictures.
Olympus Voice Recorder WS-700M (Voice Recorder)
The Olympus voice recorder captures audio through its built in microphone and stores it digitally. 
Sony Walkman NWZ-E34 (MP3 Player)
The Sony Walkman is an MP3 audio player with digital storage.