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Bookin' 5K Race & Fun Walk
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The Wadsworth Public Library Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was established in 1994 to "seek, receive, and administer gifts, bequests, and donations for the support and preservation of the Wadsworth Public Library, beyond the level of taxpayer responsibility and in a manner consistent with the mission and goals of the Library."

Contributions to the Foundation will be used for supporting Foundation projects, including the proposed Multimedia/Technology Center; the sponsorship of special programs; and to help secure the long-term health and vitality of the Wadsworth Public Library.

Whether your contribution is a cash donation, bequest, or is through a life insurance policy or charitable remainder trust, it will be used to ensure the Library's place as one of the community's greatest treasures. Your gift to the Wadsworth Public Library Foundation is deductible as allowed by current tax laws.

If you would like more information about the Foundation or wish to discuss your gift, please call Library Director Daniel Slife at 330-335-1299.

If you wish to make a contribution at this time, clicking on the "Donate" button will re-direct you to PayPal, where you may make a secure transaction using a credit card or bank account information. We thank you for your gift!


Bookin' 5K Race & Fun Walk

Wadsworth Public Library Foundation
Fourth Annual
The Wadsworth Public Library Foundation
Bookin' 5K in Memory of DB Hopkins
May 17, 2014
9 am

Click to register online at Premier Sports. For further information, contact Janet Griffing (330-335-2604) or Daniel Slife (330-335-1299).

Click here to see race route map.


Multimedia/Technology Center

Wadsworth Public Library Foundation
Capital Campaign
Multimedia/Technology Center

Bridging the digital divide

Creating a collaborative learning environment for individuals, businesses, and students

One focus of the WPL Strategic Plan is to provide our customers greater access to technology. Currently, the Library provides thirty computers for public use. The access and services available on these computers vary and are defined below:

  • Three computers provide restricted access to our online catalog and subscription databases
  • Twenty-seven computers have full access to the Internet and the complete suite of Microsoft Office products
  • One computer has full access to the Internet, the Microsoft Office suite, and a range of adaptive technologies for use by the hearing/sight impaired

At the time they were purchased, these products represented the cutting edge for technology in public libraries. This is no longer the case. With the advent of Web 2.0 technologies, the techno-savvy customers who frequent the Library are finding that we no longer meet their technology needs. Further, we are not able to expose our community to the 2.0 technologies and web-based products that are being introduced in the marketplace.

The current physical arrangement of our equipment is not conducive to the collaborative behaviors of our customers. Working in groups has become the way that may students and adults function within the technological environment of today. The proposed multimedia center will be designed to respond to these new behaviors.

The newly-designed space will provide a unique technological experience for WPL customers. The ability to collaborate with small groups of colleagues or friends will be highly valued, as will the concept of having quiet space for an individual seeking to create. The space will also provide us with the ability to host training classes so a certain amount of flexibility is designed into the space in order to accommodate the collaborative, individual, and classroom uses that will occur in the space. An added appeal will be the ability to hold a variety of training classes in the new space, including the possibility of hosting videoconferencing sessions/classes.


  • One sound-proof room for recording of video and sound
  • Eight dedicated computer workstations (a combination of Mac and PC) with advanced processing capabilities to handle large sound and video files
  • Large movable monitors for simplified viewing
  • Color scanners
  • Internet access
  • CD/DVD burners
  • Software for: digital photo manipulation; music composition (including keyboards); sound editing; video editing and sequencing, including “blue screen” capability; video capture from analog; graphics programs for layout work
  • Digital video cameras, digital cameras, and digital voice recorders
  • A communal color printer with print management technology to charge for printouts
  • Color photocopier
  • Videoconferencing technology
  • Smart Board technology
  • Movable work tables to allow for group collaboration or for individuals who need larger workspaces
  • Soft seating for additional collaboration/meeting space

The entire concept of the multimedia center addresses “LIBRARY SERVICE RESPONSE #1: COMMONS” from the Library’s Strategic Plan as part of the first goal, “The Library will offer a warm, welcoming gathering place for all in an effort to serve the social, recreational, and technological needs of area residents.” The related objective reads, “Customers will have access to two additional open areas -- public gathering spaces that invite conversation and discussion -- and at least one new means of electronic assembling by 2009.” The proposed multimedia center supports the specific activities outlined in the strategic plan:


  • Gather space re-allocation ideas from architectural firms
  • Explore the potential of the courtyard to provide more public gathering space
  • Consider adding areas for group and/or quiet study
  • Investigate feasibility of adding a computer lab
  • Consider adding videoconferencing capability to the meeting rooms

All in all, the concept of developing this space has a number of attractive benefits for the Library and the community. The Library thanks the WPL Foundation for working to secure the funding to develop this space.

For further information about the Multimedia Center Capital Campaign, contact Library Director Daniel Slife at 330-335-1299 or director@wadsworthlibrary.com.